Michelle Hahm is an illustrator, painter, and writer in the D.C. area. She can also be found on Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube

You could also buy her a strong cup of covfefe, if you feel inclined. 


What are you working on right now? 

I am currently working on my Holocaust book and other personal projects. 

What materials are you using? 

For watercolors, I mostly use a combination of M. Graham, Schmincke, Daniel Smith, Qor, and Winsor & Newton. I also use a little Sennelier and Holbein. For gouache I usually end up with Schmincke and M. Graham. My acrylics and oils are mostly M. Graham along with other assorted brands. 

The watercolor brushes I use are Escoda Tajmyr Series 1212 and 1214. I also have a couple Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. When sketching, I like using a Niji waterbrush. I'm not very picky with acrylic and oil brushes so long as they have a square shape and don't shed. 

The papers I use are Saunders Waterford blocks and sheets (Hot Press and Cold Press, 140 lb and 200 lb), Arches (Hot Press and Cold Press), Fabriano Artistico (Hot Press), and Rives BFK. The sketchbook I use most is a large black Handbook journal. 

For inking, I have a Pentel pocket brush pen, Copic Multiliners (I mostly use a .7), and a Series 7 brush (size 2). 

For more information, I post a lot of art supply reviews on my blog.

Do you sell prints?

I do! I have a small selection at Inprnt